Stan Kenton’s Lost Concert – Live at the Cocoanut Grove in L.A., March 1978

This engagement in March 1978 does not appear in any of the band’s published itineraries. Even Audree Coke Kenton could not find any record of this concert in Kentonia files. When Robert Widener presented the band in 1977, Stan could not be there because of his tragic accident in Reading, PA. Bob kept in touch with Stan and his agent, Willard Alexander. The idea of reopening the legendary Cocoanut Grove appealed to them. Widener made arrangements to reopen this historic room which had been mothballed and unused for years. Bob advised his mailing list that Kenton would be back, and it would be at the Cocoanut Grove. Willard Alexander called and said, March in California. Bob picked Saturday, March 18. Stan’s fans rushed to book seats and the event sold out in days. Because of short notice, the engagement never appeared in published itineraries. The room was full of celebrities: Benny Goodman, Nelson Riddle, Henry and Ginny Mancini, Joe Bushkin, Bobby Troup, Julie London, Arthur Godfrey, Chubby Jackson, to name a few. Stan was in a jovial mood, and the band was sensational – some say the best of his career. In 1997, Bob discovered the tapes in storage, and the Lost Concert video was found! –The Lost Stan Kenton website