Getting in touch with "using faster air" to ascend

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    Phrases we hear a lot in the trumpet world are “use the air”, “use more air” or “use FASTER air” to ascend.

    As discussed previously, this is an example of vague often confusing language that trumpeters tend to use. There’s also some debate as to whether using ‘faster’ air is indeed what’s physiologically happening.

    Be that as it may, for me, as a young frustrated player, whenever I heard my teacher use these words, I simply blew harder which had the effect of producing a louder note but not a higher one. Also, I’d press harder and my aperture would spread and … well, you know the rest.

    I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Heres something I have found which helps make sense of this concept for me:


    Play a C in the stave. Now, without pinching the lips or manipulating your set up, push it sharp with the air. You should feel yourself moving “faster” air through the mouthpiece. Keep pushing and you might even get the next partial (E) and the next one (G) and the next one (Bb) and so on.

    Does that help? ?

    Obviously, there’s more to the upper register than simply this, but I hope this helps unlock the feeling of “using faster air” for you.

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    Try giving the student a tangible description, by explaining tongue syllabal placement (toe, tah, tee, tiss…) and how it corolates with whistling and singing… -These are not exactly same as trumpet playing but they are similar and most folks can experience it so, thus get some similar feel as what happens while playing trumpet.


    By the way… What sort of trumpet are you playing in your avatar photo??

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